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Rooted Souls

Welcome to Rooted Souls Collective! A sacred space where authenticity, growth, and sisterhood converge. If you're a seeker, a dreamer, a warrior of light, a worrier, maybe you're currently struggling to feel anything at all... this is your invitation to join a community of like-hearted women on a journey of self-discovery, connection, and transformation.

This is just the beginning. So happy to have you here with us!
Community + Resources Coming Soon

let's silence our minds and discover our soul. 

our first ever event details

Date: September 22, 2023

Time: 8:00PM EST | 7:00PM CST | 6:00PM MST | 5:00PM PST | 2:30PM HST

Location: Virtual gathering via Zoom

In a world that often leaves us feeling isolated, the Rooted Souls Circle aims to create a haven of inclusivity and support. Led by your sis Siena Meyers, a passionate advocate for open dialogue and holistic growth, this circle is your safe space to:

  • Share your stories and experiences

  • Connect with kindred spirits

  • Learn, grow, and embrace your true self

  • Contribute in your unique, authentic way



Join me for this special event where I dive deep and expose the most vulnerable parts of my story. I am so excited to share my personal healing journey and experiences of hard, so that you may feel a little less alone as you journey through your own.

learn to be free with me

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Souls Siste Circles

What To Expect

Engage in open, non-judgmental, heart-centered conversations: discussions about topics that matter to you. Build genuine, lasting connections with soul sisters who understand and uplift you.

Why Attend

This is an opportunity to honor your journey, your wisdom, and your essence. Whether you're seeking healing, growth, or simply a tribe that resonates with your spirit, the Rooted Souls Circle is here to nurture your soul's evolution.


The Rooted Souls Virtual Circles will operate as a free resource as long as the host can financially support it. If you are excited about having this free resource and would like to contribute an amount that feels aligned with your heart in order to help sustain the circle and make it accessible to more soul sisters, we graciously accept this love and support and you can find information on how to contribute here. 

Remember, you are never alone on this path. The Rooted Souls Circle is a reminder that your existence is a gift, and your journey is sacred. Join us in co-creating a space where divine soul sisters flourish.
Images were taken by the amazing Sarah Waggoner at the perfectly in tune retreat hosted by the incredible June Kramer. Find details about her Fall Retreat happening THIS MONTH.
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