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Resurgence Business Workshop

Nurturing the Soulful Connection of Business Expansion
This workshop will dip into the profound journey of rediscovering and reigniting the essence of your business and soul. It's about embracing the shadows that may have dimmed your path and using their wisdom to create a powerful resurgence. Just as the sun rises after each night, this workshop invites you to unveil the treasures hidden within challenges, rekindle your inner fire, and pave a luminous path toward a revitalized business and a radiant self.

your soulful investment of 

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illuminate your business

the Experience

Are you ready to uncover the brilliance within your business, overcome challenges, and step into a radiant path of success? Join us for Resurgence, a 3-day workshop designed to help you discover your business's essence, transform obstacles into triumphs, and radiate your authentic brilliance to create a lasting impact.

Day 1 August 29th, 2023 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM 

Embrace Your Story Unveil the tapestry of your business journey as we delve into your unique story, challenges, and triumphs. Through vulnerability and authenticity, we'll shed light on the shadows and gain insights to reshape your path.

Day 2 August 30th, 2023 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM 

Illuminate Your Vision Dive deep into your business's core as we uncover the facets that need nurturing and alignment. Explore new perspectives, ignite your creativity, and infuse your work with the language of your soul.

Day 3 August 31st, 2023 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM 

Radiant Integration Step into your renewed business identity as we integrate the wisdom gained from our exploration. Cultivate a harmonious connection between your inner radiance and your business's purpose, setting the stage for expansion and abundance.

Experience a supportive community that resonates with your journey, foster connections, and gain tools to navigate your business with newfound clarity and confidence. Illuminate Your Business and let the resurgence of your inner light lead the way to a transformed, radiant path of success.

your transformation guide

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My journey in the world of business has been a tapestry of bold dreams, winding paths, and unexpected twists. There were times when I struggled to find my footing, my voice, and the right flow for my creations. It felt like I was dancing to a rhythm that just wouldn't sync.

But through the shadows and the stops, something profound was unfolding. As I peered into the depths of my business, I unearthed the hidden gems within – the shadows that held the keys to my truest self. It was here, in the embrace of those shadows, that I discovered the magical essence of my soul.

It is from this personal rebirth, that my purpose to guide you on your own soulful journey – a path that celebrates the light and the shadows, the ebbs and flows, sprouted. Together, we'll uncover the radiance that's uniquely yours, harness the energy of your dreams, and craft a reality that resonates with your deepest knowing.

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Passionate Dreamers and Visionaries

This offering is tailored for passionate entrepreneurs and business owners who have big dreams and visions for their business, but have encountered obstacles and challenges along the way. If you're someone who is determined to make your mark on the world, but find yourself stuck in the cycle of frustration or overwhelm, this workshop is designed to provide you with the tools, insights, and support to reignite your passion and transform your business journey.

Soul-Seekers on a Mission

If you're a soul-driven individual who believes in aligning your business with your deeper purpose, this workshop is your guiding light. Whether you're just starting out or seeking a realignment, if you're eager to infuse your business with authenticity, meaning, and genuine connection, this container offers a safe haven for you to explore, heal, and expand, while receiving the guidance you need to navigate your unique path.

Those Ready to kick-start Transformation

If you're ready to shed old patterns, step into your power, and create a business that resonates with your true essence, this workshop is your catalyst for transformation. Whether you've faced setbacks, doubts, or felt weighed down by the demands of entrepreneurship, this experience is for those who are open to embracing deep inner work, shifting their mindset, and taking bold steps towards growth and abundance. If you're committed to your own evolution and ready to shine your light in the world, this workshop is your soul's sanctuary.

Who is this for?

Hello Dreamer

I see you. I see the fire in your eyes and the weight on your shoulders. You've poured your heart and soul into your business, chasing a dream that feels just out of reach. The journey has been a rollercoaster of highs and lows, and you've faced challenges that have tested your resilience and determination.

You're not alone in this struggle. Many visionary souls like you find themselves caught in the whirlwind of uncertainty, questioning if their dream is worth the constant hustle. The pressure to succeed can be suffocating, and the fear of failure can cast a long shadow over your every move.

But here's the truth: Your dream is worth it. Your vision, your passion, and your unique gifts are meant to shine brightly in this world. It's time to release the weight that's been holding you back and step into a space of alignment, abundance, and soulful expansion.

Introducing the Resurgence Online Business Workshop, a sacred container designed to guide you back to your core essence, to unravel the knots of frustration, and to infuse your business with the magic of your soul. This is not just another workshop; it's a transformative experience that will empower you to rise above the challenges, rewrite your business story, and draw in the prosperity you deserve.

In our three-day journey together, we'll delve deep into the heart of your business. We'll gently uncover the hidden patterns of starting and stopping, the sources of frustration, and the barriers blocking your path. We'll create a safe and nurturing space where you can share your struggles openly and honestly, knowing that you're supported by a community of kindred spirits who have walked a similar path.

Through soulful discussions, guided exercises, and powerful tools, we'll craft a roadmap to realign your business with your soul's purpose. You'll gain the clarity and insight needed to make strategic decisions that resonate with your authentic self. You'll learn how to channel your unique energy into every facet of your business, infusing it with the essence of your soul.

But this is more than just a workshop – it's an initiation into a supportive community that will continue to uplift and inspire you long after the three days are over. You'll join a tribe of fellow dreamers who understand your journey and celebrate your victories. Together, we'll navigate the path to abundance, harnessing the power of alignment and transformation.

If you're ready to release the frustration, break free from the cycle of uncertainty, and step into a space of soulful expansion, then the Resurgence Workshop is your invitation. Your dream deserves a chance to thrive, and it starts by creating a business that's a true reflection of your soul's essence.

Join us in this transformative journey and watch as your business unfolds in radiant alignment with your heart's deepest desires. Your soul is ready to rise, and so is your business.

With light and abundance,


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soul add ons

Gene Keys Activation Session
Embark on a transformative journey through your Gene Keys profile in this 1 hour session. Explore the core themes and shadows that shape your business dynamics. Uncover the unique gifts and contributions you bring to the world and learn how to infuse them into your business strategy.
Radiant Self-Expression Session
Elevate your personal and professional presence with our 30-minute Radiant Self-Expression Session. Through this transformative experience, we'll capture your unique essence and authentic energy, allowing your inner light to shine through. Let your true self be seen and celebrated in these soulful portraits, perfect for personal branding, social media, and professional profiles. Embrace the power of your genuine presence.
Guided Business Rebirth 
Elevate your business journey with our exclusive Guided Business Brilliance Session. In this one-on-one personalized experience, you'll receive dedicated time with me to delve deeper into your unique business challenges, goals, and aspirations. We'll explore tailored strategies and actionable insights to align your business with your soul's vision, expand your reach, and draw in abundance. This add-on includes extended guidance, intuitive insights, and expert support to illuminate your path and help you shine brighter in the entrepreneurial realm. Together, we'll ignite your business brilliance and pave the way for your soulful success.
Soul Path Astrology Reading
Dive into the cosmic energies that influence your journey. Receive a personalized astrology reading that uncovers the patterns, strengths, and challenges of your unique soul path. Understand the celestial forces at play and how they can guide your business decisions.
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