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Breath in.

You are safe.

Breath in.

You are held.

Breath in.

you need is
right here.

As women who have walked the path of motherhood ourselves, braving the challenges and spiritual warfare that veils the collective consciousness, we understand the depth of this sacred journey. We have raised incredible children who embody kindness, rootedness, and a passion for raising the vibrations of this world. Our motherhood experience has been a crucible of growth and transformation, as we embraced all the world's darkness, experiencing death and rebirth over and over again.

In our quest for liberation and deeper knowing, we have fearlessly embarked on journeys away from home, leaving behind the familiar to seek the truth that lies within. The calling to awaken a deeper sense of knowing and remembering within our own families became our driving force. We realized that there is no greater mission than to serve as catalysts for the awakening of our loved ones and to leave a legacy of light and love for future generations.

Our entire career lives have been dedicated to the power of love, expansion, and leaving a profound impact on the world. We have embraced our roles as healers, nurturers, and guides, helping souls reconnect with their authentic essence and true purpose. Through our photography and transformative experiences, we strive to create a ripple effect of healing and awakening that extends far beyond ourselves.

As we stand together, united in purpose and passion, we recognize the immense responsibility that comes with walking this path. We have faced the darkness and emerged with hearts full of light, ready to share that light with the world. We know that the journey of healing is not linear but rather a constant dance of growth and surrender.

Our experience as mothers has given us a unique perspective and an unwavering commitment to making this world a better place for all souls. We have held space for our children's dreams and aspirations, and now, we hold space for every soul we encounter through our work.

Our dedication to love and light has led us to be beacons of hope, illuminating the path for others seeking healing, transformation, and empowerment. We understand the power of sisterhood and collective support, and we invite every soul to join us on this journey of awakening and liberation.

Through our lens, we capture not just photographs but the essence of souls, celebrating the beauty of human connection and the sacredness of life's moments. We stand as witnesses to the ever-evolving dance of existence, honoring the cycles of life, death, and rebirth.

Our legacy is one of love, authenticity, and a deep sense of purpose. We hold sacred the memories of the past, the magic of the present, and the infinite possibilities of the future. In every encounter, we invite souls to remember that they are not alone, that they are already connected, already home, and already in heaven on Earth.

We are rooted in the wisdom of the ages, guided by the light of our souls, and devoted to serving the collective awakening of humanity. As we embark on this journey together, we honor the resilience, strength, and grace that reside within us all. We are women who have risen, who have transformed, and who have returned to share the gift of love and light with the world. Together, we illuminate the path for every soul seeking to remember, to heal, and to rise.

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soul add ons

Prenatal Bliss Massage
Feel your tensions melt away as our therapists use a combination of soothing strokes, gentle stretches, and intuitive techniques to address the unique needs of your changing body. Tailored to nourish both your physi
cal and emotional well-being, this massage promotes circulation, eases muscle discomfort, and encourages a deep sense of calm.

*Best booked 1-2 days before or after our time together.

Shamanic Inspired Maternity Massage
Touching really not your thing, you are held sweet sister. Our Shamanic Inspired Maternity Massage Session is a sacred celebration of your journey to motherhood, providing you with deep relaxation, emotional support, and a profound connection to
the spiritual essence within you and your baby.

Shamanic Rebirth 
Experience the profound restoration of our Shamanic Rebirth ritual. Through various techniques such as drumming, rattling, and energy work, we create a sacred space for you to release any fears, doubts, or emotional blockages that may be present. This process allows for a deep sense of renewal and empowers you to embrace the transformative journey of motherhood.

Sacred Blessing
Complete your journey with a Sacred Blessing ceremony, where we honor the sacred connection between you and your baby. We lovingly anoint your belly with blessed oils and offer heartfelt prayers for a safe and joyous birthing experience. Indulge in the divine fusion of ancient shamanic wisdom and modern prenatal care.

Soulful Embrace

You'll receive a keepsake dream filled with emotive photographs, each telling a story of love, connection, and the anticipation of the new soul you are bringing earth-side.
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