The Deets

I am so excited for our time together this Monday, June 27th! This evening will be all about connection. Connection between us as photographers and the beautiful connection between an AMAZING couple. There is no real outline past our initial meet up and hike in, so that we can allow the evening to flow and become exactly what it was meant to. The hope is that something beautiful and organic will blossom during our time together.


Meet Up Location <<< This link will bring you to the where we will be meeting. There is no real name for this place, but if you google Oak Creek Elementary in Cornville it will take you to the street that brings you in. Instead of turning right onto Purple Sage, you go straight on the dirt road and follow that back (keep right) until you come to a bridge and then keep left when it splits and you will see the parking area. The parking lot is not very big, so if you would like to meet up in town and carpool in, just let me know. I will have 5-6 extra seats in my vehicle and would be totally down to drive you the rest of the way in. Parking is free, but limited to the circled area in the image below. PLEASE make sure to open up the link beforehand to ensure that you are being taken to the right location. I have included an aerial view of the area. If you have any issues opening up the location, please reach out.


Sunsets @ 7:45

Weather will be in the low 90s - to high 80s with no expected rain, 50% cloud coverage, and light winds. The sky is supposed to open up closer to sunset, so we should get some really pretty skies.

Evening Itinerary

5:30 – Meet Up/Hugs/Introductions

5:45 – Hike into our shoot location

6:00 – Fun with Our Couple

7:00 – From here on out, we are flexible. We can continue to work with our couple if that feels good, or we can open up space for some headshots.

7:45 – Head back to our cars

8:00 – Head to Dinner (for anyone wanting to join)

Shoot Vendor List for Social Posting

Host - @rootedsoulsphotography

Models - @sovereignsoulcollective


Chris + Melanie

These two are AMAZING!! These are friends of mine who I actually met when living in Washington. And now they are living here in the Verde Valley. So crazy how everything comes full circle. They have both been on an intense personal discovery journey over the last year and I just know we will be able to create some magic together! I cannot wait!!

Enjoy this cute picture of them from 5 years ago.

Model Email -

friendly reminders

It is asked that everyone be a good communicator. We come together to collaborate and there is plenty of time for everyone to pose and get each shot. If there is something you are wanting to try, speak up! Your voice and ideas are welcome here!!!

As a group, we practice tagging responsibly and leave no trace while we are out on location and posting anything captured from the day of. So please don't tag your specific location, just the general area AND make sure to pick up after yourself. So many of the locations in this beautiful area have been exhausted and run down, let's keep this magical place protected.

If you have any additional questions, don't hesitate to reach out. I cannot wait to see you all!

See you soon!